At Work and Play

Summer playing Frisbee with her Mom, Lucy.

Lucy teaching her daughter how to hold the frisbee correctly.

Lucy teaching Summer who is boss.

Summer wanting to play  too!

Lucy and Summer enjoying winter sports.

Lucy with her wintery look.

Summer and Susan getting ready for a winter walk.

A winter stroll.

A summer stroll.

Susan and Lucy, Summer and Sage relaxing.

Sera visiting my Mom and Dad at a nursing home in Merrickville, Ontario.

My Dad and Sera sharing a moment at The Bridlewood Lodge in Brockville, Ont.

Sera visiting with some of the residents at Bridlewood Lodge, Brockville, Ont.

Sera,Lucy and Summer getting together with the ladies at the Bridlewood.

Full steam ahead??????

Duncan and his great grand daughter Summer and his grand daughter Lucy.

Now that is how I like “On the rocks”.

A fall day

Susan and all her dogs.

"Summer" on the rocks.

Summer and her great grandpa, Duncan.

Gorgeous Kolby!

Sage on a winters day.

"Summer" in the winter.

Magic, our cat snowshoeing.

Fall dogs.

Beautiful Lucy. (Lucy and Kolby are littermates)

Kolby on a winters day.

Summer and her granma, Sera.

Sage looking inquisitive

Summer & Papa at the Hilltop Manor

Amber sleeping on the job

Amber @ 10 weeks old

Amber "What a pretty had shot"

Amber @ 12 weeks

Amber & James doing some computer work

Amber in the garden

Amber with Summer & Lucy

Amber going for a trot

Amber in a show stand

Lucy playing with Amber?

Amber and Summer

Amber and Summer

Amber and Summer

Amber doing a recall

Amber and Summer relaxing